Mining Base Alpha 7

The unimaginatively named mining base run by the Izqathi is a sprawl of corridors and interconnected prefab modules. The entirety of it feels cramped and claustrophobic to most outsiders, and privacy comes at a premium. Still there are a few more open areas, notably the market which features rare windows that look inward to a small rocky enclosure, allowing you to see the opposite side of the rectangular section and the shops therein. There is also the hangar which is immense, allowing for cargo vessels to land and pick up the vast quantities of Trimantium mined from the local deposit. 

Outside of these two locations the corridors are a standard three meters in width and seven in length. The sides feature two doors and the ends feature one. They connect together to form the entirety of the base.

Points of Interest

  • The Labyrinth, a cantina in the lower levels.

  • Market Square,  a series of shops catering to the needs of the populace.

  • Main Hangar, where most travel in and out of the 'city' takes place.

Mining Base Alpha 7

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