It has been thirty years since the fall of the second Death Star, the death of Emperor Palpatine, and his minion Darth Vader. The New Republic has staggered to life, struggling to stand under the weight of a galaxy scarred and torn asunder by a six year civil war marked by genocide and oppression.

Presently the galaxy sits with two major powers: the New Republic, and the First Order. Following the destruction of Hosnian Prime, the then capitol of the New Republic, these two forces seem headed towards open warfare. Other powers, such as the Resistance is continuing with its struggle against the First Order, while the remains of the Galactic Empire doesn't appear to initially have taken sides in the conflict.

Somewhere out there is the First Order, but you were confident that if you kept flying, you'd find free space to fly again. Why you decided to venture into the Unknown Regions is known only to you for now, but you know at the very least you are not alone. Along with yourself you find that you're in the company of other misfits and exiles from the rest of the galaxy. Together you are out of credits, and out of luck, and on a rocky world known as Canicide V. Whether you've had enough of the Unknown Regions, or seek to go deeper still, you're going to need to work or steal your way off this desolate planet, you certainly don't want to remain here.

Star Wars: Unseen Forces

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